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5 Awesome RC Warbirds (that you want to build)

RC Warbirds! They're fun to build, fun to fly. The best thing about Warbird RC models?They tell a storyBuilding your own RC airplane from a kit is exciting on it's own, but the airplane you pick makes a big difference. Obviously the way it's build, but also the story it tells and what it means to you. Do you wanna build a classic? It's very cool to imagine flying a plane that fought in the second World War, changing the course of human history. Want to try something unique? It's not as fun to always see the same planes. It's all the more special to have someone come up to you and ask you about the unique build you're showing off.So...

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EDF Jets - What you need to know

EDF Jets are the ultimate RC jets. They are without a doubt the fastest you can get with typical rc airplane flying. Because our largest collection of airplane kits is EDF Jets we decided to write an article about this. Whether you are already a veteran pilot or new to the RC building game, there is always a LOT of development going on with EDF jets. EDF stands for Electric Ducted Fan. This means all EDF jets use a unit similar to the one pictures below. Obviously, this also means these jets have no propeller. Instead, the ducted fan houses a multibladed propeller, or fan. Sucking in air and spinning at high speeds, this allows for super powerful flying. Flying EDF Jets is...

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How Our Balsa Wood Kits Are Made

In this post we want to show you how our balsa wood airplane kits and boat kits are made.  Do you know? The complexity might surprise you. Building a balsa wood kit requires a lot of custom design, hand crafting, and the selection of the best materials and machinery. Let us show you what we're talking about. Part 1. Balsa WoodAll of our kits are produces by RBCkits, based in the Netherlands. A kit starts with the right balsa wood, we wrote an in-depth article explaining why this is so important. Balsa wood is extremely light, yet very durable. Kind of important for an RC airplane. In fact, balsa wood is actually the strongest wood in the world when comparing weight and strength...

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