5 Awesome RC Warbirds (that you want to build)

RC Warbirds! They're fun to build, fun to fly. 

The best thing about Warbird RC models?

They tell a story

Building your own RC airplane from a kit is exciting on it's own, but the airplane you pick makes a big difference. Obviously the way it's build, but also the story it tells and what it means to you.

Do you wanna build a classic?
It's very cool to imagine flying a plane that fought in the second World War, changing the course of human history.

Want to try something unique?
It's not as fun to always see the same planes. It's all the more special to have someone come up to you and ask you about the unique build you're showing off.

So in this post, we will talk about 5 Warbirds. From the classics to the obscure. From the easy builders to the expert kits.

Here goes...

5 Awesome RC Warbirds (that you want to build)

P51 "Mustang" 

P51 war photo
Image from Wikipedia. P-51 takes off from Iwo Jima.

The North American P51 Mustang is perhaps THE airplane you think of when 'Warbird' is mentioned. This airplane literally changed the course of the war. It is regarded as one of the finest piston engine air crafts produced in high numbers.

Originally, the P51 was developed for the British RAF but was later adopted by the U.S. Army Air Forces.

More than 15.000 P51's were build, and it is said the Mustang is responsible for destroying over 4.950 enemy aircrafts. They were used in almost every major battle in Europe and was even active in the Korean War.

But the dominance of the P51 would not have been possible without an upgrade with the Rolls Royce Merlin engine, which allowed it to reach higher altitudes and compete with German fighters.

p51 drawing
P-51 Mustangs of the 375th Fighter Squadron, Eighth Air Force mid-1944.

We actually offer two versions of the P51 "Mustang" as an airplane kit. Check out our "B version" and our "V2"

Mustang completed balsa kit
A completed P51 "Mustang" (V2) RC model.

Dornier DO335

dornier do335 wikipedia
Image from Wikipedia. The only surviving Dornier DO335.

The Dornier DO335 'pfeil' (arrow) is a rare twin engine world war II aircraft. It was developed by the German company Dornier Flugzeugwerke. Being the fastest piston-engine in the arsenal of the Nazi's Luftwaffe, they were desperate to deploy more of this unique airplane.

Hitler himself ordered maximum priority to the development of the Dornier DO335.
Alas, due to engine delays and developments in the war, it was only used from 1943 (in tests) until the end of the war in 1945. Only a handful of "anteaters", as the two-seater version was called, were ever build.

The impact of the 'pfeil' on the second world war is small, but would the war have lasted longer this powerful airplane could have made a big difference for the Luftwaffe. One French pilot recalled being unable to catch up to the DO335, even though he was flying an also fast Hawker Tempest. Top speed of the DO 335 Anteater was 730 Km/h (453 MPH)!

The RBCkits Dornier DO335 kit could be the only balsa wood RC airplane kit available in the world for this model. This rare model should get the interest of any aircraft builder, because there is truly nothing like it.

Dornier aircraft world war 2
A completed Dornier DO335 'pfeil' RC model

Hawker Hurricane

Image from Wikipedia. Mk I in France, November 1939, showing original fabric-covered outer wing and two-bladed propeller

This list wouldn't be complete with the Hawker Hurricane. This instantly recognizable British World War 2 fighter airplane has a lot going for it.
The Hawker Hurricane first entered service in 25 December 1937 and was a dominant airplane in the Royal Air Force throughout the entire second world war. In the Battle for Britain it alone was responsible for 60% of all losses by the Luftwaffe! A feared airplane indeed.

The Battle for Britain was a major defeat for the German high command, and marked a turning point in the war. Which means flying this Warbird shows off persistence. The Hawker Hurricane was not necessarily a liberator, but a survivor. Because sometimes survival WAS the victory, which the Battle for Britain illustrates.

An original Hawker Hurricane
Original Hawker Hurricane Wikipedia

A completed Hawker Hurricane RC model

Our Hawker Hurricane Kit gives you the freedom to build an authentic looking balsa wood electric version.

If you're looking a for a classic, straightforward Warbird with a lot of sentiment behind it, this should be your next bird. The kit is large so there is a lot of wood building fun for the hobbyist.

Bonus Video - Full Documentary about the Hurricane

OS 2U Kingfisher

Image from Wikipedia. An OS2N-1 at the Naval Aircraft Factory, 1941.

The vought OS2u Kingfisher stems from the late 1930's and played a large role as an observation airplane  for the Navy. Developed in the United States, the U.S. Navy deemed this Warbird useful for a multitude of tasks.

Being equipped with a .30-caliber Browning M1919 machine gun, it was also capable of direct battleship combat. The Kingfisher was used by many allied forces. USA, Australia, UK.

Interestingly, the 24 aircraft order by the Netherlands was not completed before the country fell to German forces. Part of this order was actually diverted to Australia, as the airplanes were originally supposed to be delivered in the East Indies.

An original Kingfisher
OS2U Kingfisher Original

A completed Vought OS2U Kingfisher RC model
OS2U Kingfisher kit
It is not common to see a balsa wood kit for this bird! Luckily, our OS2U Kingfisher Kit gives you all the building fun you want. It is also possible to build the seaplane version. If you are interested in this, get in touch with us.

If you are looking for a rarer model to build with lots of customization options, then this is an excellent pick.

Bonus video - OS2U RC Model flying

Bristol Beaufighter

Image from Wikipedia. The Beaufighter Mk X with rockets, 1944
Bristol Beaufighter Original 1941

Just like the Hurricane, the Bristol Beaufighter is a British World War 2 era twin fighter aircraft mostly serviced by the RAF. It has seen action throughout the entire war, such as the Battle for Britain that we mentioned earlier.

It served several roles: torpedo bomber, ground attack with rockets, attack aircraft. 5,928 Type 156 Beaufighter were produced starting in 1940.

The Beaufighter is known for it's long endurance. It could last for a very long time. This made up for it's lack of maneuverability.

It's uses were not only limited to Europe. This unique twin-engine aircraft served in North-Africa, Thailand, and in India where it engaged Japanese forces, just to name a few locations. 

Image by National Aviation Museum of Canada

2 Beaufighter RC models
2 beaufighter electric RC scale models

The Bristol Beaufighter Kit is also not a common model to find. This twin engine plane takes more time to build and is a real joy if you like to try something different.

Bonus video - Beaufighter attack on a German ship narrated by the actual pilot

Bonus video 2 - RBCkits RC model Beaufighter in flight

What do you think of the 5 Warbirds we picked? Let us know in the comments!

You must be very excited to get started on a new kit by now, what better place than our complete balsa wood Warbird Collection?

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