Suzie-Q - RC-builder
Suzie-Q - RC-builder
Suzie-Q - RC-builder
Suzie-Q - RC-builder
Suzie-Q - RC-builder


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Suzie-Q Vintage semi scale offshore rc boat
A vintage semi scale offshore rc boat from 1965. Original design by Vic Smeed.
  • Complete redesigned in cad for cnc cutting
  • this boat is easy building a joy to sail and has great looks
  • Do not expect flat out speed, but it has great full speed turning capabilities.
  • Very easy handling, the complete superstructure comes of to replace batteries or for maintenance
  • it can be powered by lowcost brushless systems or even the cheap speed 600 series
  • Also low cost shaft and rudder systems
  • we used a 1220 kv brushless motor and 3s4000 lipo, plenty of power

Here's another video, this one by James. Thanks James! Very nice build.

Specs of the Suzie Q:
Lenght : 684mm
Beam: 231mm
weight: 1500 gr


  • 4 sheets of poplar ply cnccut formers
  • 2 sheets of 1mm ply cnccut hull sheeting and windows
  • 1 sheet of balsa cncut formers
  • 3mm sheeting for the deck
  • The kit contains a building jig and a boat stand
  •  a superb cad drawing
  • A cd with building pictures and a 3d pdf to show all parts and construction in the boat

This kit does not contain hardware.

setup at the included cnc building jig

Balsa stringers added

sheeting is easy as it is pre cut cnc ply

superstructure also simply build and straight

Top sheeting from balsa

Finished suzie-Q
top with glass finish sides painted  decals added (in kit included)

Lots of room

the cad design it is on the cd as a 3d pdf with all formers shown in 3d