Panther - RC-builder
Panther - RC-builder
Panther - RC-builder


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Panther - For Midi fan and 12 to 16 cells or 5-6 lipo 


The kit contains all parts cnc cut including all wood to finish the Panther.

A large clear cad drawing is also included and also the vacuum formed tip tanks, canopy and nose cone.

Instructions on photo sheet and in written English

The Panther needs a 10mmx8,5mtr bungee with 10kg of pulling power.

Just a few pictures from the framework, you need a bit of patience with this bird.

Strip planking is necessary and fun to do.

The fan unit is easy accessible through the access hatch.

Receiver, battery, and elevator servo are placed in the fin.

You can see the large access hatch for battery's.

Panther specs:
Wingspan : 1160
Length : 1080
Power req. : Plettenberg 290-20-7 and 14 cells 2400, / brushless to 20 cells
Weight rtf : 2200-2400 gr.
No decals available, there is no hardware as hinges wires etc in the panther kit