HE162 “Volksjager” - RC-builder
HE162 “Volksjager” - RC-builder
HE162 “Volksjager” - RC-builder
HE162 “Volksjager” - RC-builder

HE162 “Volksjager”

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Design Features:

  • All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
  • Unique Tab Lock Design
  • 3D pdf on the cd with a lot of build pictures


  • Wing Area: 30 dm2
  • Wing Span: 1100 mm
  • Total lenght: 1500mm
  • Flight Weight: Starts at 3200 grams
  • Wing Loading: 110gr dm2 to 175gr dm2
  • 6 Channel , Ailerons ,Elevator,Flaps(you need them), Throttle,Retracts,Retract steering

Kit Includes:

  • Photo Instructions on CD
  • Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
  • Vacuformed Canopy, fairings, nose cone, intake
  • aly sheet for wheel doors etc  PVC  Outlet Tube
  • All wood and stringers
  • There is no hardware in this kit as most people have their own and want to use their own choice of materials and parts.

Required to Complete:

  • Any inexpensive 6 Channel Radio
  • Light weight Receiver:
  • Light weight Servos: About 18 grams
  • Motor: EDF power
  • Matching Speed Controller
  • Wemotec Midi fan evo or FMS, Mad thrust Or Turbine
  • Battery:6S to 8S lipo
  • Thick and Thin CA glue,uhu hart , white glue
  • Retracts

List of parts you need  :www.rbckitsinstructions.com

Some building pictures:

Bones of the HE162, on the cd are 3d pdf for viewing the parts 

Fuselage is build on a included building Jig, very handy , strip planking lots of work

Wing  build easy. with flaps you need them for a safe start.

Motor housing , formers and strip planking like fuselage

All prepared for retracts , details are on the drawing

Flaps can also be build in , handy

Woodbuild WW2 jet 

Motor pod with unique closing system

Fan builds in easy 

Battery acces through removable canopy, battery tray included in kit also