F7u3 "Cutlass" - RC-builder
F7u3 "Cutlass" - RC-builder
F7u3 "Cutlass" - RC-builder
F7u3 "Cutlass" - RC-builder

F7u3 "Cutlass"

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An exciting model for the jet fans. The Cutlass is a super fast model, and a floater in the landing. This highly popular model has been featured in Jet Power Magazine. You can read the highly positive review here (in German): Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5.
  • For midi fan and 5S3200 lipo
  • Power req: Mega or Plettenberg or Kontronik
  • Controls: 2x servo
  • Including: cad drawing, Canopy, Nose cone
  • Photo instructions
  • Wood build precision kit
  • No hardware in the kit

Two videos by Daniel Jacobs - Thanks Daniel!

Here are some building pictures to get an impression.

Wing & rudder is build straightforward. The rudder is removable.

Fuselage simple building, paper ducts added, only sheeting now

Ready for finishing. Finish is shown in the gallery.