Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder
Avia BH3 - RC-builder

Avia BH3

Regular price €169,50

The Avia is Easy Flying, as a low wing trainer acrobatic too
  • Scale model of the famous Avia BH3 Warbird
  • All wood construction. 
  • Vacuum formed Cowl,Headrest,Spinner,Pilot,small parts ,  
  • included, pre bend landingear 
  • Easy building kit all parts cnc cut
  • The Avia is a great flyer with the NTM 42-48 motor and  3-4 lipo cells 3700-4500
  • Scale  1:6

Design Features:

  • All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
  • Unique Tab Lock Design
  • Two Piece Design Easy transportation
  • Motor/Battery compartment Easy accesable
  • Battery Acces Through cowl opening


  • Wing Area: 40 dm2
  • Wing Span; 1500 mm
  • Flight Weight: Starts at 2300 grams
  • Wing Loading: 55gr dm2
  • 4 Channel Controls

Kit Includes:

  • Photo Instructions on CD and Many more Pictures
  • Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
  • Vacuformed Cowl,Spinner,Pilot
  • Pre Bend Landing Gear.
  • No Control Horns, Steering Cables, Hinges

Required to Complete:

  • 4 Channel Radio.
  • Light weight Receiver:
  • Light weight Servos: About 13grams (2x ailerons ) to 30 grams (elevator and rudder)
  • Motor: type 35 to 42 650kv
  • 35-75 amp controller
  • Some paint,foil finish
  • Main wheels oldtimer 120mm
  • Battery: 4S 3200 to 5000 lipo
  • Thick and Thin CA glue 4-6 bottles
  • Grass or concrete airfield
Some building pictures here.
Nicely build up stabilizers and wing.

Mostly balsa and ply fuselage , nice and easy building

Spinner in the kit included.

Cowl also, small parts do it yourself to nice it up.

Functional struts are very easy assembled just hook in and place cowl .. ready.

Pilot included in the kit also , you need some work to have it like this.

Even on special request a float version is available