A4 "Skyhawk" - RC-builder
A4 "Skyhawk" - RC-builder
A4 "Skyhawk" - RC-builder

A4 "Skyhawk"

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The Skyhawk has a modulair setup, you can completely built the different pieces and join them later to complete the airframe. The wing and tail are screwed to the airframe for easy access to the fan unit and battery access.

The Skyhawk is a n excellent flyer but needs a bungee launch to get going, In comparison with the Skyray it needs a bit more "twang" to launch it safely.

Then it has to pick up speed for a few meters , and then....

enjoy the jet feeling of the Skyhawk with loops and rolls.

With the Plettenberg 200-20-6 and 10 cells 1250mAh it fly's for 3 minutes ok,
With a Kontronik Fun 480-33 and 12 cells 1250mAh it fly's with great authority and speed. The Skyhawk needs a 8mmx7,5mtr bungee with 8kg of pulling power.

The A4 is easy to fly but requires good sight.

Wingspan:  700 mm
Length:       1060 mm
Weight:       1250 gr

Design Features:
  • All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
  • Unique Tab Lock Design
  • One Piece Design Easy transportation
  • Motor/Fan compartment Easy accesable
  • Battery Access Through wing opening
  • Wing Area: -- dm2
  • Wing Span; 700 mm
  • Flight Weight: Starts at 1200 grams
  • Wing Loading: 47gr dm2 to 66gr dm2
  • 3 Channel Tailerons & Throttle
Kit Includes:
  • Photo Instructions
  • Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
  • Vacuformed Canopy and Outlet
  • paper Intake Tube , Paper Outlet Tube
  • No Control Horns , Steering Cables Ball links or hardware
Required to Complete:
  • 3 Channel Radio.
  • Light weight Receiver:
  • Light weight Servos: About 9 grams (2x)
  • Motor: Hetrc edf 2W (3 lipo) or 2W-20(4 lipo)
  • Speed controller 60-80 amps
  • Wemotec Mini Fan 480 or Het 6904
  • Battery: 3S or 4S 3200 lipo
  • Thick and Thin CA glue
  • Bungee Launch req.
  • The A4 needs a 8mmx7,5mtr bungee with 8kg of pulling power.

When finished it's time to set up the fan unit with exhaust tube and speed controller. Just slide it in and be careful with the wiring:

Ready to be mounted to fuselage.

Line up.

Screw the tail cone tight.

Receiver and battery setup.

Special thanks to Max Zuijdendorp for providing pictures of his Skyhawk (blue in the gallery). Finished in oracover with self adhesive lettering:

3 sheets of self adhesive lettering, the format is A4, the color is adapted to suit Oracover. In the color of the Blue Angels, you only have to print and cut out the sheets yourself.