Tipsy Nipper - RC-builder
Tipsy Nipper - RC-builder
Tipsy Nipper - RC-builder
Tipsy Nipper - RC-builder

Tipsy Nipper

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Tipsy Nipper
Cells 3s1550 lipo or 8-10x gp1100
Power req :Speed 400 geared
Controls: 4x servo
Including: horns cables etc canopy,cowl
instructions and superb cad drawing
Wood build precision kit

An undercarriage is added to the kit and the Nipper is capable of ROG.
The Nipper can be flown with rudder and elevator only and a moderate beginner can fly the plane, for the more experienced.
ailerons can be fitted, and coupled with the rudder gives excellent aerobatic performance.

The Tipsy Nipper can be flown with the Graupner speed 400 7,2 or 6v 1:1,85 gearbox and 8 cells or more.
With the 7,2 volts motor and 9x5 slim prop flight times of 8 minutes are common , the flying weight of this combination:
is only 660 grams.
For more aerobatic performance the speed 400 1:1,85 6 volts is fitted with the 8x4 slim prop, this gives great ROG and flashing snap rolls.

Wingspan : 900mm
Wing area : 16 dm2
weight : 660 grams
Motor : Speed 400 with gearbox 1:1,85 7,2 or 6 volts
Battery : 8 x 500 ma

Kit is complete with canopy, cowl, landing gear , 90 cnc cut parts in balsa and ply and 40 additional parts including fasteners and control cables and rolled cad drawing of outstanding quality including instructions.