Porterfield Collegiate - RC-builder
Porterfield Collegiate - RC-builder
Porterfield Collegiate - RC-builder

Porterfield Collegiate

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Porterfield Collegiate

Inspired by the Bob Boucher Porterfield 
Redesigned in cad .

A easy to build and fly model not so easy to build for a rank beginner, but flying will do

Cells 3s2000 lipo
Power req :Typhoon Xtreme 3826 kv 810
Controls: 4x servo 
Including: cad drawing,motor cowl 
Superb cad drawing lots of build pictures 
Wood build precision kit, 

Movie here 

Photo instructions here do read the frontpage importand information there 

All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
Unique Tab Lock Design
One Piece Design

Battery Acces through wing opening or side door
Wing Area: 44dm2
Wing Span; 1720 mm
Flight Weight: Starts at 1400 grams
Wing Loading: 50gr dm2 
4 Channel Elevator, Ailerons & Throttle   rudder 
      Kit Includes:
Instructions on drawing , build pictures download here,
It is a simple kit simple instructions, foto instructions mainly
Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
Vacuformed ,cowl,, window sheet pre bend landing gear
There is no hardware in the Porterfield

Required to Complete:
Control Horns , Steering Cables hinges etc 
4 Channel Radio
Batterys ,Motor etc 

Build pictures.

Easy build wing. one piece sheet with balsa, note wing is now stick on 3pcs 

Simple stabilizers balsa sticks and cnc parts

Fuselage build on drawing sticks and formers

Simple and light

Nice result in wood

A side door is possible for easy battery change

Go flying light wind great fun