Monoprep - RC-builder
Monoprep - RC-builder
Monoprep - RC-builder


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The Monoprep 1929
Sport scale model inspired by Doc Mathews
The 1929 Monoprep from Mono Aircraft

A balsa dream to build and it is very easy to build, flies like a dream slow and beautiful

Design Features:
  • All Formers And Ribs CNC Cut
  • Unique Tab Lock Design
  • 4 Piece Design, stick on wings
  • Easy Battery Acces through removable Hatch
  • Wing Area: 50.5 dm2
  • Wing Span; 1818 mm
  • Flight Weight: Starts at 1950 grams
  • Wing Loading: 50gr dm2 to 65gr dm2
  • 4 Channel Elevator,Rudder, Ailerons & Throttle 
Kit Includes:
  • Photo Instructions on CD
  • Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
  • All balsa and stringers To Complete The Monoprep 
  • Control Horns , Steering Cables, landing gear (no wheels), vacuumformed cowl and dummy cylinders included
Required to Complete:
  • 4 Channel Radio
  • Light weight Receiver:
  • Light weight Servos: 4 x 26 grams
  • Motor: a Suppo 3520 type or Hetrc Xtreme 3826 810 kv
  • Electric Speed Controller 40--70 amps depending on the prop and lipo
  • Prop 12x6..14x68 apc thin electric We used a 12x6 for 26 amps
  • Battery:3 lipo cells 3500 to 5000 ma 
  • Thick and Thin CA glue, Wheels 5" type Oldtimer

Sides are made from cnc cut parts and spruce and balsa stringers, very light

Motor Battery compartment

Battery hatch