Hawker Hunter - RC-builder
Hawker Hunter - RC-builder
Hawker Hunter - RC-builder
Hawker Hunter - RC-builder
Hawker Hunter - RC-builder
Hawker Hunter - RC-builder

Hawker Hunter

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For 90mm edf or Turbine

Video of first flight:

And second flight:

Design Features:

  • All Formers And Ribs 170 cnccut parts in balsa and ply
  • Unique Tab Lock Design
  • Removable wings for easy transportation
  • and Storage
  • Wing Area: 40 dm2
  • Wing Span: 1125 mm
  • Lenght: 1500mm
  • Flight Weight: Starts at 4000 grams
  • 4 Channel, Ailerons, Elevator Throttle, Retracts, Flaps
Kit Includes:
  • Photos and Instructions Download here
  • Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
  • Vacuumformed Canopy, nose cone, gun cowls 
  • PVC/Paper Outlet and inlet Tube
  • All wood and sheeting to build the Hunter
Required to Complete:
There is no hardware in this kit!
  • Any 7 Channel Radio 
  • Light weight Receiver
  • Servos: About 25 grams metal gear 3pcs servo 13gr metal gear 3pcs
  • Motor: Hetrc EDF650/68/1500 or 1600 KV
  • Wemotec Midi fan Evo 90mm
  • Battery: 8S lipo 5000ma
  • Thick and Thin CA glue, 3/3
  • Steel wire for front retract steering and ailerons, flaps, elevator
  • canopy closing, hinges, horns, small parts to your choice
  • Fastener 2,9x13 12x for retract mounting
  • steering wire 1,2mm 1x
  • Retract legs, steel 4mm mm bend yourself for grass recommended, or use commercial units
  • Wheels Main 80-85mm Front 55mm

Retracts used:
Servoless Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount (2pcs)

Servoless Steerable Nose Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount

Glass finish: 2mtr 25glass and we used PS100 polyurethane or G4

Now some building pictures:
Rudder made in 2 halves, very light mounting in fuselage with 6mm dowels. The Stabilizer mounts in the rudder.

Wing made in 2 halves

servos for ailerons and flaps installed the joining of the halves is with spruce joiners

Fuselage: made of self aligning cnccut parts, no need for complicated jigs just some build. Board supports made of scrap balsa is sufficient

Intake ducts made from stiff paper and strengthened with balsa stringers

Fuselage is strip sheeted , fairings are cnccut, all included

Vacuumformed nosecone, makes life easier

Fitting the inner panels of the wing needs some attention

Ready to finish
Many more pictures on the included disk with instructions