DH108"Swallow" - RC-builder


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For 90mm edf and 6-8 cells 4500/5000

Movie with a slow take off 

Design Features:
All Formers And Ribs 180 cnccut parts in balsa and ply
Unique Tab Lock Design
Removable wings for easy transportation and Storage
Wing Area: 56 dm2
Wing Span; 1600 mm
Lenght :1000mm
Flight Weight: Starts at 3800 grams
4 Channel , Ailevons,Throttle,Retracts, nosewheel steering
Kit Includes:
Photos  Instructions download here
Full Size Rolled Cad Plans With All Parts Shown
Vacuformed Canopy,nose cone,tail cone 
PVC/Paper  Outlet and inlet Tube
All wood and sheeting to make the Swallow
Build mould included
No hardware in the kit
Required to Complete:

Any 7 Channel Radio 
Light weight Receiver:
Servos: About 25 grams metal gear 2pcs servo 13gr metal gear 1pcs
Motor: Hetrc EDF650/1500 serie

Wemotec Midi fan Evo 90mm
Battery:8S lipo 5000ma
Thick and Thin CA glue, 3/3
Small parts to your choice
Fastener 2,9x13 12x for retract mounting
steering wire 1,2mm 1x
Retract legs , steel 4mm mm bend yourself for grass recomended, or use commercial units
Wheels Main 80-85mm Front 60mm
Retracts used:
Servoless Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount (2pcs)

Servoless Steerable Nose Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount

Glass finish : 2mtr 25 gr glass and we used PS100 polyurethane or G4

Now some building pictures:

airframe build up step by step 

Simple paper ducts  working very well

Fuselage is strip planked all strip is pre cut

Easy build up stick on wings , transports very easy

Retracts in wings 

build steps fuselage on cd higher resolution.

airframe showing