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Moonglow - RC-builder
Moonglow - RC-builder
Moonglow - RC-builder
Moonglow - RC-builder
Moonglow - RC-builder
Moonglow - RC-builder


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Moonglow Vintage Boat
Vintage model boat Moonglow from Vic Smeed reworked and redrawn for cnc by rbckits.com

The Moonglow is completely cnc cut in 3mm poplar ply and is a real father & son project.

very easy to build and to sail, takes 6 to 16 nicad cells or lead battery or lipo cells and from a speed 600 to a speed 700 or brushless.

It is not a high performance boat but just fun for starting this great hobby.

Takes simple glues and household paint no need for difficult finishing.

Very easy for youngsters & beginners.
Lenght: 880mm
In the Moonglow Kit:
  • 7 sheets cnc cut poplar ply.including motor stand.
  • Spraystrips and spruce lining
  • Window glazing from pvc
  • You need for the moonglow:
  • Motor , from speed 600-to speed 700 or brushless
  • speed controller that fits
  • Cells ,  nicad or lead works fine , or take lipo 
  • Shaft with prop approx 300mm
  • Rudder set
  • Radio Control set
 The moonglow kit has no drawing but a download CD with build steps and many pictures.
use winrar to unzip it
check out the video of the Moonglow on 12 cells and a speed 700
Pictures  from the build steps and the finished Moonglow 
very simple easy building
Use white glue or ca 
 simple spraystrip helps a lot
The Moonglow has a nice speed range, it also turns very well.